The service situation

We drive as usual.


Please be Mindful of Other Riders

All stations are smoke-free. Please refrain from smoking in Yui Rail stations.
Please refrain from using phones in monorail cars as it disturbs other passengers.
Dropping or throwing objects onto the tracks or road below the monorail station is dangerous.
Please do not step inside the tracks for it is dangerous. (High voltage)
Do not lean against platform doors. Please step back and wait for the train to arrive.
Please queue in front of ticket vending machines, gates as well as elevators and platform doors.
If you bring your bicycle into a monorail car, please either fold it or disassemble it and place it in a bicycle bag.
When boarding a train, please do not stop near the doors as it may cause congestion, instead continue to move away from the door. This helps keep the door clear for people to enter and exit.

Types of Tickets

1. QR one-way tickets

  • Tickets may be purchased at ticket vending machines.
  • Valid for one-way travel on the day of purchase.
  • Children under 12 ride for half fare.
  • Up to two children under 6 may ride for free with one adult.

2. QR 1-day tickets (2-day tickets)

  • Tickets may be purchased at ticket vending machines.
  • Valid 24 hours (48 hours) from time of purchase.
  • Unlimited use to any station.


  Adult Child Valid for
QR 1-day ticket ¥800 ¥400 24 hours after purchase
QR 2-day ticket ¥1,400 ¥700 48 hours after purchase
  • QR 1-day tickets (2-day tickets) may be purchased at ticket vending machines.
  • Child fares apply to passengers under 12.
  • Unlimited use to any station.

3. OKICA (prepaid IC card)

  • Cards may be purchased at ticket vending machines.
  • Touch the card to ticket gate to enter or exit.
  • The fare for the section traveled will automatically be deducted.
  • Card balance is displayed on the ticket gate.
  • Cards may be loaded at ticket vending machines.

OKICA (prepaid IC card) Purchase Amounts

  1. OKICA may be purchased at ticket vending machines.
  2. Six amounts are available: ¥1,000, ¥2,000, ¥3,000, ¥4,000, ¥5,000 and ¥10,000.
    *Purchase amounts include a ¥500 deposit.
  3. Money may be loaded in ¥1,000 units onto OKICA cards when the card balance is low.

Purchase your Ticket at an Automatic Ticket Vending Machine!

1. Find the fare on the fare chart

A fare chart is posted above the automatic ticket vending machine.
Check the fare for the station you wish to travel to.

2.  Select language

The language selection button is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
Please select your language.

Enter and Exit at Ticket Gates!

Touch your ticket to the right side of the ticket gate.

  • Touch the QR ticket barcode or IC card to the reader to enter the gate.
  • To exit the gate, please touch the barcode or card just as when entering.

Elevators are available at all stations!

Elevators are available at all stations for the convenience of passengers with large luggage.